Current News

6.6.2024: Webinar from 9.30 am – 1:30 pm The application of the State Treaty on the Accreditation of Studies and the state ordinances in program accreditation

15./16.02.2024: Committee and work conference of the AHPGS in Freiburg

2.10.2023: Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences (AHPGS) has been awarded the Recognition Status by the World Federation for Medical Education valid until 2033.

19.10.2023: the AHPGS and the expert team conducted the second site visit at the Andrei Saguna University of Constanta, Romania. Many thanks for the great hospitality and cooperation.

21.06.2023: Many thanks to the European University of Lefke for the hospitality and the great impressions on site. The AHPGS as well as the whole team of experts had a lot of informative discussions. We are looking forward to our collaboration.

16./17.02.2023: Commitee meeting of AHPGS in Freiburg